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Every 6 hours in Scotland someone dies of a preventable drug related death.

I've launched a Private Member's Bill in the Scottish Parliament to try and tackle the biggest public health emergency facing our country.

Right now, people are consuming drugs in filthy alleyways and in close doors. This is putting them in danger and leaves used needles lying around.

We cannot wish away drug addiction, we must step in to support people and keep our streets clean.

My Member's Bill would establish safe drug consumption rooms across the country - giving people a safe, sanitised environment to consume the drugs they'd take away, but with trained professionals on hand to look out for them and intervene if a problem occurs.

Join the campaign–here's what you can do

Take part in the consulation

Bills go through various stages before being voted on by MSPs to become law or not. The Drug Death Prevention (Scotland) Bill is currently at the consultation stage. I am looking to hear from anyone on this issue, perhaps you yourself have suffered from a drug addiction or you know someone who does.


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Privacy policy for Member's Bill viewable here

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